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You should now have 2. Copy & paste anything from " Q3D Behaviours. Copy & paste anything from " Q3D Plugins. Now launch Construct 2, the Q3D should now installed. A 3D plugin suite for Construct 2 powered by three. Includes a total of 8 different plugins+ 3 behaviors for a huge variety of tasks from: Rendering, Models, 3D Collisions, 3D Sprites, Viewports, Raycasters, Lights, 3D Physics, Shaders, Morph Animation, Skeletal Animation, and tons of features for 3D game development in C2 for the web geared specifically to WebGL for great performance!

Buy now and get future updates completely free! This plugin suite has hundreds upon hundreds of actions/conditions/expressions and properties available to developers, it's unprecedented for C2. Q3D allows you to create entire 3D games, or supplement existing 2D games with 3D backgrounds or overlays. All programming is done in the Construct 2 event sheet, simplifying the task of 3D game development greatly compared to traditional three. Check out the TINY TANK demo for an idea of what's possible with the Q3D plugins! Head model of LeePerrySmith available under CC license courtesty of triplegangers.

(Uses converted Quake 2 assets, move around with wasd and orient 3rd person camera with mouse. These are commented examples. (simple FPS controls example requires mouselock plugin v0. The changes in this patch are comprehensive, the major ones are outlined here, however there are many small changes and bugfixes that are not. Q3D has been updated to use the current latest three. Js r71 version instead of the previous r69.

A major bug was introduced with the "Destroy" optimizations when deleting object hierarchies since r189. This required a rewrite of the way destroying was handled, hopefully this is now fixed for good.

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Some issues with morph controller have been fixed. Also Q3D Morph Controller has been renamed "Q3D Morph Anim. " so that it doesn't get cutoff in the "add behaviour" dialogue.

You can now choose more "Editor Rep. " Modes for Q3D Model to make laying things out easier. "Textured" uses the "DiffuseMap" animation to texture the model, and "LayoutIcon" uses the first frame of an animation you create called "LayoutIcon" as a graphic for identification. Many other small things have been changed/fixed, which may lead to strangeness in old projects moving to this update. I'd like to apologize if this affects you, however it was necessary. If there are issues migrating, please feel free to ask for advice.

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Q3D Models can now load in "geometries" created with Q3D Master "GEOMETRY" section actions. In order to use this functionality a few things should be kept in mind. Q3D Master has a section titled "Geometry". These actions allow for "custom" specified primitives to be generated at runtime. These actions create a geometry in memory, which is assigned a name you choose using the action, for example "Cube", "Custom1", etc. This name should be unique, and without special characters (especially no periods ".

To load a geometry in a Q3D Model, instead of specifying a model filename with extension, specify the geometry name with the extension ". If the geometry hasn't been created by a Q3D Master action yet, it will load in automatically when it is.

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This is similar to the way loading of models already works. Q3D Oimo Physics Behaviour added. This behaviour allows for fully 3D physics and has a great variety of features which are too comprehensive to all list in this changelog. It suffices to say over 50 actions are available, and most features expected of a fast javascript physics engine! Although this plugin uses Oimo. Js library, It is a custom fork with additional functionality which I carefully tweaked from the outdated main project on GitHub, so it should be quite performant.

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Because of the fact Q3D runs in javascript, this plugin only currently supports spheres/boxes, and has to cut some corners to achieve good performance. Nonetheless compound objects made of multiple primitives are possible using some actions. In the future support for collision with arbitrary meshes may be possible, however after thorough investigation I have not found any fast enough solutions yet that would not bog down the CPU in a javascript engine.

Oimo was chosen over the more ubiquitous cannon.